Community Supported Agriculture, a collaborative effort between a farmer and member of the community where both parties shoulder the risk and reap the rewards of small agriculture. The community member supports the farm by paying for their food in advance—providing security and capital for the farmer. The individual investment is small (between $720 and $1200 per year) but when you add all the members of the CSA it becomes a substantial amount that supports the farm operation.


In exchange for their membership, the community member is entitled to receive a box full of fresh produce each week (cost per box is $36 with pickup and $48 delivered) for the duration of the growing season which in South Florida is from November to April.


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Why CSA?

Because you will encourage a project that enhances the community around the farm, makes a positive impact on the environment and helps to take back ownership of how we produce and consume our food. 


Not only that,  by buying our food you will be providing nutritious, just harvested produce to your family. There is no better feeling than eating produce that's fresh and full of nutrients. Because we grow your food so close to where you live, it means that the food spends minimal time in storage before arriving at your home. 

Plus you will interact with your food in a much more personal way, you will know the people that grow it, and since food is basically the most important product we spend money on, why not spend it on the real thing. 


How it works

In a nutshell: You prepay for 20 weeks of food and we deliver a box of fresh, just harvested produce each week during the growing season which in our neck of the woods runs from November thru April.


You can choose to have your box of produce delivered to your home for an additional fee or you can pick it up at one of our drop off points in Miami Shores, Downtown/Brickell, Coconut Grove, Highland Lakes (Aventura) and Legion Park Farmers Market.


Click here to sign up to our CSA

The box

Your CSA box will vary from week to week as the season and weather changes, the first and last few weeks will see more hot weather crops like eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash and lots of heat tolerant greens. The cooler mid-season will include lots of lettuce and greens, cabbage, kale, collards, peppers, onions and carrots. You can count on us having some items all season long like scallions, radishes, salad mix, microgreens and more.    


You can expect to receive 7-10 items or 6 to 12 pounds of produce in each box. The produce in the box is whatever produce is ready for harvest each week at the farm, you can't pick and choose what you get. We do our best to ensure that there is variety in the boxes and that we always include staples like tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and all the yummy items you expect in addition to other less known items that will spark your creativity in the kitchen.      


Shares are not meant to replace your trips to the supermarket but rather to complement your food basket and to give you the opportunity to enjoy local and seasonal food. 


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