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So you want to get your hands dirty?

We've received lots of requests from folks wanting to come out to the farm to lend a hand and we are excited about getting you involved in our activities. Please be aware that working at the farm is hardcore, think of it as a crossfit session without the cardio. There's lots of lifting, squating and moving around and it's usually pretty hot out there. We ask that volunteers come ready to put some hard work in, we can hang out after the session ends and watch the sunset sipping a cold drink. So, for those of you interested here are the details. 

• Our volunteer sessions are only for adults 18 yrs and older.

• Sessions are 4 hours long with short breaks in between, morning sessions run from 8am - 12pm and afternoon sessions from 3pm - 7pm. 

• Volunteers will help us prep field beds, move mulch and compost and hand weed different areas around the fields. 

• Come prepared with work shoes, sports clothes, hat, gloves (if you'd like) and a large water bottle. We provide fruit and veg snacks. 

Email us with your contact information and preferred day/time to volunteer. We are a small farm with few hands, we will contact you as soon as we have openings for volunteers, please be patient if we do not get back to you right away. 

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