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Tiny Farm is a market garden located in the Redland agricultural area about 45 minutes southwest of Miami

We grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers using regenerative practices and supply some of Miami's best restaurants. 


Our focus is on freshness and flavor. 

We are a no-till farm using natural practices to grow all our produce and our production is free of chemicals. We strongly believe in soil fertility from within, which means nurturing and facilitating the natural process of soil biology to build rich, living soil that in turn enables nutrient dense plants. We farm mostly by hand and without the use of tractors or large machinery which contributes to a more sustainable way of farming.

We are currently on our seventh season and despite our name we run an intensive production system that is tailor made to work with restaurants. We can supply large volumes of produce at the highest quality.


Join us and taste the difference.  

Farmer in Chief, Roberto Grossman

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