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the farm

As a beginning farm we are only starting to scratch the surface of what farming means to us. Transparency is what it's all about. Transparency not only about our farming methods but also about our process, our product and our journey.


Even though the 2018-19 season will be our first time operating a commercial farm, we have been selling our produce to friends and family for the past two years and have received very positive feedback. We are farming about a quarter acre in our backyard where our main operation is based plus another acre at our neighbors place which they so generously let us use to support our farm. 

While we are not certified organic we use organic practices to grow all our food. We don't use synthetic pesticides or herbicides and only use organic products when we must. We create minimal disturbance to the soil where our food grows because we don't use tractors or large machinery to till the soil. All the food grown at our farm is the product of the hard work by the two farmers in charge. 


The Farm

The farm is located at the southern tip of South Florida. We experience hot wet summers and warm dry winters, winter is the main growing season for vegetables and summer time brings a magnificent abundance of tropical fruit and perennials, as well as heat loving vegetables.


We farm on one acre of land and we sell our produce through a CSA program a few select restaurants and at the Legion Park Farmers Market every Saturday between October and May.


We use natural practices to grow all our food. We don't use synthetic pesticides or herbicides and only use biological pest control products when we must. We strongly believe in soil fertility from within, which means nurturing and facilitating the natural process of soil biology because rich, living soil sustains better tasting and nutrient dense food. We farm mostly by hand and without the use of tractors or large machinery which contributes to a more sustainable way of farming.

We are currently on our sixth season and expanding the farm on a 7 acre property. I can't wait to produce even more food for our community and to create a space to love and grow!

Farmer in Chief, Roberto Grossman

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