the story

We love to see happy chickens flapping and roaming freely in an enriched environment. Our CSA members love them even more than we do, because who doesn't love deep orange yolks for breakfast, especially those that come from animals that don't know the meaning of suffering.  


Since we only have a few laying hens in our backyard, we couldn't possibly supply eggs to all our members.  So we searched and searched for local farms that employ the exact system and feeding regime that we wanted to employ with our hens and we found one that met all our requirements. 


The closest we found was Circle C Farm in Bonita Springs - Southwest Florida - so we went there to meet the farmers and fell in love with their their project. Now we bring their eggs to our CSA members and our farmstand customers. Keep reading for all the details about the eggs. 

the farm

Circle C Farm is located in Southwest Florida, so while not the closest to us, it is still local in every sense of the word. Their laying hens are not fed soy or corn products, they don't treat them with hormones, antibiotics, steroids or any growth promoting additives. The pastures where they roam daily are not chemically fertilized or treated with pesticides or herbicides. They live their life in pasture with large mobile coops that get moved throughout the pastures every 2 days. 


The farmers at Circle C Farm are just like us, first generation farmers that own and operate their farm. We've met them in person and seen with our eyes that they really grow healthy, happy, natural birds that lay wonderful eggs. 



the system

When you eat healthy eggs you instantly appreciate it in your gut. We

the box

Your CSA box will vary from week to week as the season and weather changes, the first and last few weeks will see more hot weather crops like eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes and squash. The cooler mid-season will include more greens like lettuces, broccoli, cabbage and carrots.   


You can expect to receive 8-12 items or 10-15 pounds of produce in each box. The produce in the box is whatever produce is ready for harvest each week at the farm, you can't pick and choose what you get. We do our best to ensure that there is variety in the boxes and that we always include staples like tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and all the yummy items you expect in addition to other less known items that will spark your creativity in the kitchen.      


Shares are not meant to replace your trips to the supermarket but rather to complement your food basket and to give you the opportunity to enjoy local and seasonal food. 


If you have any questions check our faq's section or get in touch at     

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